Projects Coming to Upper Westside

Coming Soon

Brady Avenue Bike Lanes

The Cycle Atlanta Plan designates Brady Avenue as a key part of the bicycling route into Downtown Atlanta from the Upper Westside. It is wide enough to accommodate bike lanes and offers a comfortable street for riding. Brady Ave will be resurfaced and restriped with the addition of bike lanes and designated parking areas

Completion: Projected 2020

Howell Mill Road Complete Street Project

Howell Mill Road is long overdue for infrastructure upgrades to meet the needs of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. This $6-8 million Complete Street Project will synchronize traffic signal timing from Collier Rd to Marietta St, make crossings safer for pedestrians, and add bicycling facilities south of Chattahoochee Ave.

Start: Projected 2020

Huff Road Expansion

Huff Road is experiencing growing pains as more and more development pushes westward. This roadway expansion will add a center left turn lane on Huff Road between the CSX Bridge and Foster Street. The project will add additional lanes at the intersection of Huff Road and Howell Mill to increase the number of cars that can get through the intersection during each light cycle.

Completion: Projected 2020

Marietta Street Resurfacing

Marietta Street got a resurfacing that included a road diet to accommodate bike lanes. These bicycling facilities are part of the implementation of Cycle Atlanta Plan Corridor E, the main bicycling route into Downtown Atlanta from the Upper Westside.

Completion: November 2018

Tech Parkway Multi-Use trail

PATH Foundation, Georgia Tech, and Coca-Cola joined forces to bring a new multi-use trail and cycletrack to connect Downtown to the Upper Westside Improvement District. They converted the underutilized southbound portion of Tech Parkway to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. Radar activated traffic signal allows bikes and pedestrians safe passage across Northside Drive.

Completion: Spring 2017