the Upper Westside caboose boxthe Upper Westside caboose box

What’s with the Upper Westside caboose?

Yes, you’ve noticed our caboose around your community. But WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

When you see our caboose Caboose that means we’ve been there. Maybe we’ve put in a new sidewalk. Maybe we’ve created a crosswalk. Maybe we’ve helped add some greenspace to our city. You never know where we’ll pop up! You can find more about each project we’ve contributed by clicking below.

Here’s what you need to know about us.

If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, we’re the Upper Westside CID. We’re a Community Improvement District (CID). That’s a fancy way of saying we’re a special governmental entity formed by local commercial property owners and legislated by the City of Atlanta. We were created to enhance connectivity, greenspace, and safety through investment and community partnerships.

the Upper Westside caboosethe Upper Westside caboose

Now that you’re here, do you have any ideas or recommendations?

We’re all ears! Just let us know your idea or concerns and we’ll see how we can address them.

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