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Brady Pocket Park

The Upper Westside’s first pocket park (i.e. mini park) was a public/private collaboration between the CID, the neighborhood, and Jamestown to create new gathering space at the intersection of Brady Avenue and Howell Mill Road. We hope you’ll take a break from shopping and rest your feet on the beautiful Camuru wood deck surrounded by trees and greenery!

Completed March 2020

Fellini’s Sidewalk

Our CID strongly believes in being able to walk to enjoy a slice with your family and friends! Fellini’s owners agreed, and we partnered to narrow their driveway entrances and exits to bring you a safe new sidewalk so you can do just that.

Completed June 2019

Howell Mill Restriping

We bet you’ve been stuck at Howell Mill Road and 14th Street behind one car trying to turn into Westside Provisions before, biting your tongue watching the traffic light go from green to red. Well, fear no longer. We’ve repainted the lanes so there’s a dedicated turn lane onto 14th Street, whether you’re going north or south. A new signal and timing gives shoppers and residents a dedicated green left turn arrow too!

Completed March 2020

I-75 Ramps Beautification

If you’re coming into the Upper Westside or leaving it, you’ll experience the beautiful new plantings on the I-75 ramps, which include Crape Myrtles, Holly, and Loropetalum. Come Fall, look out for the bright red leaves of the Burning Bush planted along the southbound on-ramp!

Completed Fall 2019

Waterworks Greenspace Hammock Stands

On a beautiful spring day or even on a scorching summer day, break out your hammock and come enjoy the shade of hundred-year-old oaks and skyline views at the Waterworks Greenspace. Tether up to the orange posts and sip on a beverage, read a book, or simply enjoy the outdoors!

Completed Spring 2019

Brady Ave & 10th St Intersection Improvements

Frogger no longer! If you’re having dinner at Miller Union and drinks at Painted Duck, you can cross Brady Ave & 10th St safely at the newly striped crosswalk and 4-way stop sign.

Completed November 2019