Planning for liveability

The Upper Westside’s success hinges on creating a livable district where streets, buildings, and public spaces are crafted first and foremost for people.

Why? Because decades of research has shown us that investment in the public realm is one of the biggest drivers of economic value and one of the most equitable ways to reinvest in our communities.

Our MasterPlan

Creating vibrant and equitable spaces requires proactive strategic planning. The Upper Westside Masterplan lays out the strategy for where to invest in the public realm to improve quality of life and set a higher standard for private development design.

The masterplanning process spanned 15 month, from January 2020 to March 2021 and included four major phases of work: Existing Conditions Analysis, Community Input, Planning & Analysis, and Masterplan Development.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you so you know what to expect in the Upper Westside. After all, this is your community.

UPPER Westside CID Resources

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Transportation & Mobility

Upper Westside Improvement District Masterplan


Upper Westside Masterplan

Howell Junction Pocket Park


Howell Mill Bike/Ped Study


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