On June 10th, 134,000 people walked, biked, skated, and Bird-ed up and down Howell Mill and Marietta for Atlanta Streets Alive: Westside. In one of the largest turn-outs in Atlanta Streets Alive’s history, Atlantans and visitors of all ages joined Upper Westside CID, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Councilmember Dustin Hillis, and businesses all along the 3.6-mile corridor for food and drink, games, and feedback.

We at Upper Westside CID engaged participants at two locations along the corridor to collect feedback about important upcoming projects. At the first location, a spur off of Howell Mill Road, the CID teamed up with REI to envision a future greenspace at the corner of 17th Street and Northside Drive. REI brought back the pump track from last year for little ones on bikes, and we set up chairs, games, and collected feedback about what features participants would like to see most at the future greenspace. Haven’t sent us your feedback? Check out waterworksatlanta.com to make your preferences heard.

Nearby, the CID set up a tent at the corner of Howell Mill and Huff Road to collect feedback on the upcoming Public Works project for widening Huff Road. We collected more than 170 responses from participants about which street features they would like to see in Huff Road’s future. The most popular choice? A multi-use path on the north side of Huff Road, adjacent to the Waterworks property. 38% of respondents said that if Public Works were to make one change to the newly resurfaced Huff Road, it would be to add a multi-use path. Other top picks were center-turn lane, street lighting, and a physical buffer between the street and the sidewalk.

In addition to collecting feedback, the CID also sponsored artists all along the corridor, doing chalk art, salsa dancing, and telling fortunes. What’s in our future? Look for the greenspace at 17th and Northside to be cleaned up and brought to life. Don’t wait ‘til next year’s Westside Streets Alive to check it out.