Hi and welcome to the Upper Westside Improvement District’s new website. For over the past year a group of dedicated property owners and community members have been working quietly to organize the Howell Mill Corridor from Collier Road to the intersection of Northside and Marietta Street, or as we like to say, “From Publix to Delia’s,” into Atlanta’s newest Community Improvement District.

A Community Improvement District, or CID, is public-private partnership between the local government and commercial property owners in a defined area. There are around 25 CIDs in Metro Atlanta, including Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown. Property owners in the CID fund the CID and are able to spend the money on infrastructure improvements, beautification and public safety. A CID is the best tool available to property owners trying to keep their corner of Atlanta competitive in the region.

Over the past decade, over a billion dollars has been spent along Howell Mill Road but very little spent to improve the public spaces in the corridor: roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, streetlights, etc.… The Upper Westside Improvement District is here to change that.

Our aim for this website is to keep the good people of the Upper Westside informed on what is happening in the area, especially as it pertains to improvements and changes coming to the area. On our project page you can see all the projects the Upper Westside Improvement District and other local authorities are working on.

You might have noticed our first project, Operation Corridor Cleanup. We have hired a landscape company to begin taking care of Howell Mill Road. You will see them picking up trash, clearing debris and rubble from sidewalks, trimming back bushes, killing weeds and just generally making Howell Mill a better corridor to walk, bike, and drive on.

Take a look around our website and share with us your feedback, stories, and hopes for the Upper Westside and its surrounding areas. You can leave comments here on this blog, our Facebook or email us directly at hello@upperwestsideatl.org.