Atlanta (March 28, 2024) — The Upper Westside Community Improvement District (Upper Westside CID) is proud to announce the groundbreaking of the Westside Paper Spur Trail, known as “The Spur,” marking a significant milestone in the development of Atlanta’s westside multimodal infrastructure.

This paved trail in the Howell Station neighborhood will connect several area destinations such as Westside Paper, Puritan Mill and King Plow Arts Center providing safe and accessible walking and biking infrastructure for residents and visitors. The trail is a collaborative project between the City of Atlanta, Upper Westside CID and PATH Foundation.

“The Spur” trail, spanning 0.73 miles, will feature a 65-foot-long bridge structure to address steep topography challenges between properties. This trail will serve as a vital link in Atlanta’s outdoor network, facilitating movement between neighborhoods, parks, retail and office spaces.

The planning process for “The Spur” trail began in 2020, when residents, business owners and stakeholders identified it as a community priority and the Upper Westside CID incorporated it into the Upper Westside Masterplan.

“Thanks to the generosity of forward-thinking property owners, the easements necessary for the trail’s construction were donated to the Upper Westside CID,” said Elizabeth Hollister, Executive Director of the Upper Westside CID. “We are proud to lead a project that enhances connectivity and delivers on the vision outlined in the Upper Westside Masterplan.”

The Upper Westside CID led a public bidding process on behalf of the city of Atlanta in 2023 and selected Hasbun Construction to build The Spur. Construction of the trail is anticipated to be completed by May 2025.

“This project exemplifies the power of partnership and community-driven initiatives,” said Solomon Caviness, Commissioner of the Atlanta Department of Transportation. “We are grateful for the support of our partners and the dedication of all involved in making ‘The Spur’ a reality.”

“The Spur’ trail is a prime example of the transformative potential of the Moving Atlanta Forward program,” stated Atlanta City Council member Byron Amos. “With significant investments in transportation infrastructure, parks, and recreation, this project embodies our commitment to creating vibrant and accessible spaces for all residents of Atlanta. I am proud to see District 3 benefit from this initiative, and I look forward to the positive impact ‘The Spur’ will have on our community.”

The Spur serves as a testament to collaboration and the transformational ability of partnerships. The Upper Westside CID selected PATH Foundation for the project’s design and construction administration. 

“Commencing construction of ‘The Spur’ trail is an exciting milestone in the City’s Moving Atlanta Forward agenda as well as the PATH Foundation’s Our PATH Forward…Continuing the Journey capital campaign,” said Greta DeMayo, Executive Director of PATH. “This trail is part of a portfolio of projects PATH aims to deliver by 2026 to make Atlanta a more connected and vibrant community.”

The CID’s plans for future expansions include enhancements to tie “The Spur” trail to the Brady Avenue cycletrack and the Atlanta BeltLine, further integrating it into Atlanta’s vibrant outdoor spaces.

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About the Upper Westside Community Improvement District:
The Upper Westside Community Improvement District (CID) is a local governmental entity covering six neighborhoods focused on enhancing connectivity, greenspace, and safety through capital investment and community partnership.

About PATH Foundation:
Since 1991, the PATH Foundation has been transforming the landscape of the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. By skillfully combining philanthropic, public and other funding sources, PATH has turned abandoned railroad corridors into beautiful linear green spaces, linked neighborhoods to bustling commercial centers and provided alternative modes of transportation for people of all ages.

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