Underwood hills pavilion refresh

Underwood Hills Pavilion Refresh

How it’s shaping the Upper Westside

Six vibrant neighborhoods packed with their unique history make up the district. In 2020 we gave Underwood Hills an arts grant. They chose to spend it on refreshing and renaming the pavilion in Underwood Hills Park after Eva Nason. Ms. Nason is most likely the resident which has lived the longest in not only Underwood Hills, but the entirety of the District. She recalls the streetcar which used to run down Howell Mill Road. The pavilion signage is one of a kind because it’s actually Eva’s handwriting. We hope you enjoy your visit to Underwood Hills Park when you go check out the pavilion.


Status: Completed

Completed Spring 2021

“My vision for the Upper Westside is for it to be walkable, urban, and artful!”

Underwood Hills Pavilion RefreshUnderwood Hills Pavilion Refresh
Brady Avenue and Underwood Hills Pavilion RefreshBrady Avenue and Underwood Hills Pavilion Refresh

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