For the last few months, we’ve been focused on informing you about projects that we’ve completed. But work on the Upper Westside is never done; this month we’d like to update you on studies that we’re currently working on that may turn into projects in the future. As always, our organization is focused on transportation, connectivity, and safety of the Upper Westside district. Here are the studies that we’re currently leading:

  • Designing a protected two-way bicycle lane on the south side of 10th Street between Brady Ave and Fielder Ave. This study is in the design phase and moving towards getting permitted for construction.
  • Assessing feasibility of a protected bicycle facility on West Marietta Street. This study will need city approval to advance to design.
  • Improving bicycle and pedestrian access on Chattahoochee Avenue between Marietta Boulevard and Howell Mill Road. This feasibility study has identified a multi-use path, similar to the BeltLine, as the most appropriate method. This concept study is the first step to tee up funding for design and construction.
  • Determining a modular kit-of-parts, including elements to provide shade, seating, landscaping and lighting, for bus stops in Blandtown and throughout the district. Once these parts are determined, we will be able to work with a fabricator on their construction. 

All of these projects will make the Upper Westside more accessible and navigable without being so dependent on automobiles. We all want our neighborhoods to be first and foremost for people, and these projects create safe, hospitable spaces for people to walk, bike and use public transportation.