If you haven’t gotten a chance, be sure to make your way down Brady Avenue to see our newest community artwork! Chloe Alexander, a local visual artist and Georgia State graduate, was commissioned to create a mural at the MARTA Facility for Mobility on Brady by LivingWalls as part of the Artbound initiative, MARTA’s innovative public art program that provides visual art as well as live music, dance and theater performances at transit stations throughout the city.

The artist was drawn to the Brady Avenue project because of her long-time connection with the Westside: “I have many memories of time spent in Home Park with my great aunt Margaret and the loving environment she fostered for our relatives and neighborhood children in the community, as well as my grandmother, who maintained a home in nearby Ashbury Heights for over 30 years.” 

Alexander combined these memories and the Westside’s present to create a visual history of the area. She chose a palette that ties in with MARTA’s well-known color scheme, with multiple shades of orange and blue. 

The subjects of the mural include historic railroad tracks and industrial workers, which contrast with 21st-century children and residents of the Upper Westside. The mural features some of the Marietta Street Artery’s adaptively reused historic buildings as well as nearby high-rise new construction. These buildings represent the changes and redevelopment happening in the area, made possible by the railroad and the industrial development it spurred in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

We are so grateful to MARTA for including our community in the Artbound project and look forward to Chloe’s mural of the past and present becoming a Westside landmark for the future!