2020 was a difficult year in so many ways, including a rise in crime in cities across the country. Atlanta was no exception.  This surge has not gone unnoticed. We, alongside community partners, are taking steps to make our community safer for residents and businesses by investing in cameras and license plate readers. 

Proactively, our CID has partnered with the owners of Stockyards, Westside Provisions, and Star Metals to purchase and install five quad cameras along Howell Mill Road and Brady Avenue. Quad cameras have the ability to record in all directions simultaneously and are equipped with bright blue lights to make their presence visible to deter crimes from happening.

We are also seeking funding to install license plate readers across the Upper Westside. These devices are not for catching minor traffic infractions; the network of readers across Atlanta cross-reference license plates with APD’s list of vehicles reported as stolen, used in a crime, or with outstanding warrants. The devices immediately notify officers in the area so they can recover the vehicle or apprehend the perpetrator. We have partnered with neighborhood associations and councilmembers to provide match funds to install additional license plate readers. 

Are you interested in helping fund a license plate reader or a camera? Please email adeline@upperwestsideatl.org