Here’s a big shout-out to the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association, which has successfully marshalled our city’s government resources with help from Atlanta Department of Transportation Commissioner Josh Rowan, as well as City Council members Andre Dickens and Dustin Hillis, to make the Upper Westside a bit safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

The intersection of Defoor Avenue and Harper Street has been a longstanding safety concern, plagued with speeding cars rounding a dangerous curve in the road. We are thrilled to announce that a three-way stop has now been added to that intersection. City crews have installed flashing warning lights and painted warnings to call attention to the new signs.

“Everyday speeding is a problem in Atlanta. We have fast, two lane roads where excessive car speed is causing safety issues in our neighborhoods. We plan to use the options at our disposal to slow the traffic and to provide safe streets for everyone.” —ADOT Commissioner Josh Rowan 

The neighborhood’s highly motivated traffic committee worked with Council members, Hillis and Dickens, and ADOT Commissioner Rowan to bring about a solution to this weak spot in our traffic infrastructure. 

“We are so excited that Josh Rowan, having come to ADOT from Renew Atlanta, recognizes the importance of pedestrian safety and traffic calming,” said Adeline Collot of the Upper Westside Improvement District.


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  1. I love this three way stop at Harper. As a resident of Underwood Hills who lives on Seaboard Ave on NW and is a bicycle commuter It was an excellent addition.

    As to the new stop signs at Seaboard Ave NW, Mantissa, St. Defoor Place NW, and Marvin street added in the fall of 2020, these are huge mistakes. These are the issues:
    – People run the signs because there are now five on Defoors between Collier and Howell Mill.
    – People run the signs because they occur at streets with limited use.
    – People run the signs because the police are not patrolling the signs.
    – This is a major Marta Bus corridor and the stop signs slow the bus on the route.
    – This is a major bike corridor, so cyclists run the signs – particularly as the signs occur in valleys, before a hill.
    – There are more accidents on Howell Mill than before the signs were installed.
    – Asking cars to make more stops does not help pollution.
    – Traffic has not subsided as a result of the change (now 8 months into the stop sign addition).
    – Traffic was more predictable, flowing in waves following the traffic lights in stead of parading down Defoors.

    Rather than four signs, two signs should have been added at Rhomboid and Taylor street. Taylor Street NW at Defoors is high volume receiving large volume of traffic cutting over from Chattahoochee to Defoors to avoid the light at Chattahoochee and Howell Mill. Rhomboid at Defoors also includes a blind driveways to a condominium complex (opposite Rhomboid) and very much need traffic control. Two signs would be easier to enforce. From a cyclist point of view these intersections are also near the top of a slope instead of the bottom, much more welcoming to slow down for as the downhill helps riders to start back up.

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