How would you like to see new public art in your neighborhood? Maybe a decorative crosswalk to promote safety in an attractive way? A little free library? Neighborhood signage? Or even a mural?

Turn that wish into a plan, and seize this opportunity to make your little corner of Atlanta even more special! If you live in Berkeley Park, Blandtown, Channing Valley, Howell Station, Marietta Street Artery, and Underwood Hills, you have the chance to win a grant of up to $2,500 to fund a public art project for your neighborhood. 

Get everyone in your household to participate by either filling out a postcard, taking our online survey, or drawing their perfect park! If your neighborhood submits 60 or more of any of these three things, you will receive $1,000. A neighborhood that submits 120 or more will win $2,500!

You can drop off postcards and park activity sheets in our Upper Westside mailboxes, or you can snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page or email it to us at If you haven’t received a postcard or would like another, you can download a copy here. Don’t have a printer? Just email us your responses directly.

Submit your postcard by Monday, May 4 to be counted in the drive for public art grant money. We can’t wait to hear from you!